Man In Black Tequila – RNDC

Man In Black Tequila - RNDC

Throughout history … in legend, folklore, and song, there has stood this lone , solitary figure of strength , independence and courage. The man in black. This tequila is a tribute to men like Paladin, Zorro and Johnny Cash who wore the dark attire that cloaked them in mystery…he may have been a hero or a scoundrel, but all who encountered him knew that he was a force to be dealt with. He was The Man in Black.Man in Black Tequila Extra Añejo is 100% Blue Agave aged in French oak for over 8 years. They wanted to label this Tequila Noir for its dark and shadowy taste, its smoky reverence, but Mexico wouldn’t allow a French word that close to the country’s national pride. Man in Black Extra Anejo is best of breed, save it to accompany Cormac McCarthy’s next novel or your occasional nocturnal attempt to memorize every line of Casablanca. It’s that classic.

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