Gosling’s Ginger Beer

Gosling's Ginger Beer

Then, top with our perfectly balanced ginger beer; the only ginger beer created strictly to make Dark ‘n Stormy cocktails.

We didn’t steer you wrong on the whole shorts thing. Trust us on this one, too. We spent over a year to achieve the ideal balance of sweetness and spiciness and matching it to the flavour profile of our award-winning Black Seal Rum.

Only our Black Seal Rum makes a Dark ‘n Stormy genuine. Only our Ginger Beer makes it perfect.

Also introducing our Gosling’s Diet Stormy Ginger Beer, a refreshing and thirst quenching drink made with the same recipe as Gosling’s Stormy Ginger Beer for a natural ginger beer flavour with the advantage of zero calories.

Available in a 12 oz. can and a convenient, re-sealable 1-liter bottle (both regular and diet).

Buy GOSLING’S STORMY GINGER BEER and GOSLING’S DIET STORMY GINGER BEER now online from www.GoslingsStore.com for the best tasting cocktails!

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